Aerobic Music and How to Choose It

Aerobics is a popular way to exercise and the great thing is that you can do it to music. This does not mean that you just grab the nearest – or your favourite – CD and start playing. It is best to work-out what music will work with the actions you will be taking. There really are a lot of benefits from taking the time to prepare.

What to Look For
Normally it will be happy, lively and upbeat tracks that work best. Techno works well, but if that is not to your taste, then pop or dance will work just as well. In reality, you can use any music to exercise to, but aerobic music is the sort to get the best results out of the session. Motivation is the key, so you can’t pick tracks heavy with doom and gloom.

Starting Out
Practicing the routine is going to be a good way to know what is needed. Once you understand the tempo, you can start to select the tracks. Even if you are working alone rather than teaching a class, you will benefit from checking out what suits you best. Even if you are working from a video, watch it a few times and you can even try playing certain tracks to see if they are suitable.

Once you have watched what you are going to perform, you will be in a good position to choose the tunes. Dance aerobics will probably be the easiest to select a group of tracks for. Anything that is techno or upbeat will fit in perfectly with the moves you are going to make. In the same way, if you are looking to do jazz aerobics, select lively jazz music. And for country aerobics, pick country music.

Can you see a theme here?
Now that you have what you hope will be your finalised aerobic music playlist, you can do your first session using it. If it works well for you – brilliant you have cracked it first time, but there is a definite possibility that you will have to alter it a few times until you have everything perfect. As long as you have done some exercise to the tracks you have, it will be OK. If you are not sure that you know enough about some tracks, there are sites that will let you listen a little to the tracks before you buy them. Be careful about downloading though as there are times when a track should be paid for before it can be used.

Failing that, you can listen to the radio for a few days and see if anything suitable is played. It will be important to get the music right especially of you are going to be using the tracks in a class. When it is not just for you, you must consider the talents and flexibility of the people you are teaching. Just because you can cope with the movements, it does not mean that everyone can.

It will help you to remember that many of the aerobic returns will be in the tempo range of about 130 and 160 beats a minute. It is different when it comes to step aerobics and here it is slower being just 118 to 125 beats per minute. Keep the aerobic music tempo slower when the warm ups are happening and when it is time to cool down. Here you should be aiming to reach in the region of 100 and 120 beats per minute. If you are lucky, you may find a compilation album that has been put together by someone else, but even though they have considered it suitable it will be best to try it for yourself.

Aerobic Music and How to Choose It