Business Law, temporary contract for reconversion

Why law degree?

Contribute to the solution of the problems that afflict contemporary Mexico in matters of justice, sustainable development and security, seeking to guarantee respect for the human rights of people. In an increasingly competitive, globalized society, with an increasingly demanding and diverse labor market, it is necessary to train ever more complete, versatile legal professionals in an international environment with the capacity to adapt to change. Opt for Online School. Thus, the proposed study plan at the Online School aims to train the best legal professionals so that they can opt for one of the many possibilities that arise in the local and international area and in any branch of the legal field for which they choose to opt, be it in private companies or in public institutions; in office or in company.

Litigate, representing before the courts the interests of individuals and the state, or advising public and private persons in the solution of legal problems. Address corporate matters, resolving conflicts of commercial law based on negotiation mechanisms, arbitration and legal mediation, and proposing business organization schemes, to ensure proper functioning to business needs based on current legislation. Carry out tasks of the public function in legal areas with ethics and social responsibility, as judge, minister or magistrate, both in the state judicial powers and in the Federal Judicial Power.

Perform acts of public faith, write notarial deeds, authenticate legal acts attesting to their legality, certify documents, as well as advise people on the legal scope of the acts they celebrate. Within the variety of possible contracts in the corporate context of business law, there are the so-called “contracts for business reconversion”, these are carried out according to the need for change, replacement, expansion or restructuring of the exercises performed by the company. These involve the spectrum of technological nature, say: machinery, equipment, facilities, means of production, systems, methods and production and administrative procedures. This type of contract due to its “semi-durable” nature have a maximum life of two years.

The conversion contracts are intended to encourage the reorganization of corporate processes, concern a technological reform, this being an activity concerning business law and to be substantial this type of contract, must conform to public policy intersectorial, in matters related to the tax reduction, import of machinery and training to face the reconversion process. The contract for business restructuring pursues basically two substantial objectives, the first one refers to the restructuring of stagnant models in the processes of organization, production and distribution, that is, it is of a technological nature; the second is related to structural guidelines, that is, the new work organization, who are the actors involved who will lead the changes, the assumption of new positions and the new designs for the required jobs.

What do I need to study an online master’s degree?

Have you already decided to study an online master’s degree in Online School but do not know what documents or technology do you need in order for your study experience to be satisfactory? Quiet! An online master’s degree is nothing special; on the contrary, it is a modality that will allow you to save time and resources, which you can dedicate to the things that you like the most.

The work of a lawyer contains many opinions, sometimes it is not the best, and however there are always people of great moral stature who exalt the profession. Since we have a law degree in, lately we have been wondering what the work of a lawyer is and how we can illustrate it. For this we find 10 films about lawyers, that if you have not seen, we guarantee you can also enjoy learning from them. To be able to get involved in the studies without problems, it is recommended to have a personal computer and Internet access, preferably broadband, which will allow you to download the study materials fluently, as well as to follow the live classes without problems.

While the development of online classes is intuitive, it is recommended that the student has a basic management of computer and Internet tools. Unemployment is causing many young people to study at a distance. Studying ‘online’ facilitates reconciliation, is more flexible and saves costs. However, it also requires self-discipline and minimal technological knowledge. The generalization of new tools, which facilitate and promote communication and fluid interaction between students and teachers, has eliminated an important barrier that prevented many students from opting for Online School.

In general, the main condition that motivates a student to opt for face-to-face or online learning is their availability and geographical location. If the student must attend other work or personal obligations, in addition to the academic ones, or it is impossible for him to move to the place where the master is taught, then he prefers the distance modality. This means more flexibility to attend their studies and does not require travel. However, education specialists indicate that this should not be the only reason that tilts the balance by one formation or another. It is necessary to pay attention, also, to the style and pace of study and work required by each of these teaching methods. Below we offer a brief list of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of system.

Advantage Flexibility of Online School:

Do not depend on schedules or spaces, which facilitate the reconciliation of studies with work and personal life. Collaborative work: High dose of participation and interaction through forums, chat and other tools.

Teaching quality: In many cases there are professionals and experts who, due to their professional circumstances, could not attend face-to-face teaching.

Interaction with work: If you work, you can immediately apply the knowledge acquired in professional work.

Discipline and organization: Online methodology requires a high level of discipline, responsibility and organization, qualities highly valued in the labor market. Individualization: The teacher controls at all times the degree of student participation and detects their particular needs.

Fewer expenses at Online School: Especially if you attend a center in a different location than the residence.

Business Law, temporary contract for reconversion