The solution: Phoenix cleaners

Nowadays, our homes generally enjoy a high level of waterproofing, with environments that are often poorly ventilated and hot, created by double-glazed windows and central heating. This environment is ideal for the growth of dust mites, bacteria and other dirty residues in our homes, and is another reason for the increase of certain health problems such as asthma and allergies.

Our grandparents and even our parents used to take the carpets and mattresses to the garden or drying rack, shaking them for a long time. The cold and the sterilizing effect of the solar UV rays finished with the dust mites and the blows made fall a good part of their droppings and other pollutants. However, this type of clean-up task has stopped being practiced due to the weight and composition of mattresses and other modern home textiles, due to lack of time and space (we would like to have a garden or enough space to shake a carpet or a mattress).

At phoenix cleaners, we specialize in cleaning upholstery at home in Alicante. Using the best cleaning products and the most modern machinery we perform a deep cleaning of sofas, carpets, headboards, chairs, and any type of textile coverings. Our qualified staff travels to your home for free to do the work without causing inconvenience adapting to their schedules and needs.

However, technology offers us several solutions to replace and improve the good habits of our parents and grandparents. To this end, we use various cleaning techniques for each type of textile depending on its condition and location.

Phoenix cleaners:

We are a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in cleaning, drainingand painting floors and houses, and providing services for the home. We provide direct service to the Community. To learn more about our services, please choose the object or area of the home you wish to clean. The service is based on a powerful portable device specially designed to generate a high power suction force, which removes and removes dust mites and other debris that accumulate on the mattress, pillows, sofas and other surfaces upholstered.

Rejuvenate your area with a professional cleaning of upholstery, seats, and panels at a reduced cost. Our staff is qualified to perform upholstery cleanings on a detailed area without causing damage. Phoenix cleaners give you the absolute guarantee of a perfect finish without risks. We move without cost to your home to do the work without causing unnecessary inconvenience. A cleaning of upholstery made by unqualified personnel or without the necessary experience can cause costly damage.

The device emits an ultraviolet light without filter with a germicidal effect that deactivates the DNA of mites, bacteria, fungal spores, viruses and other pathogens; it eliminates its ability to multiply and cause diseases.

Phoenix cleaners offers a completely natural, chemical-free process that treats the surface dry and effectively removes dust mites, spores, fungi, bacteria and other debris. Cleaning of mattresses, rugs, and sofas.

Phoenix cleaners offer a service of cleaning of upholstery at home that, thanks to its latest generation system, allows to clean without difficulty or any risk all types of upholstered surfaces and eliminate the most difficult spots, being ideal for both home and business. Know in detail the different types of services we offer.

Disinfection of mattresses, rugs and sofas

Phoenix cleaners offers an anti-mite disinfection service at home that, thanks to its innovative and efficient chemical-free system, effectively disinfects all types of upholstered surfaces, eliminating dust mites, spores, fungi, bacteria and other debris. Know in detail the different types of services we offer. We are the only company with official certified anti-mite removal Our Phoenix cleaners service has the certificate of total elimination of mites through the application of its combined process of cleaning and disinfection anti- mites on upholstered surfaces and mattresses.

Ozone sanitation

Disinfection and deodorization by ozone

Phoenix cleaners introduce ozone treatments as a new essential cleaning tool. In this way it allows offering increasingly demanded services of deodorization and sterilization of environments, cleaning of tissues and elimination of odors among others. In addition, the phoenix cleaners is a chain of dry cleaners that offers a new exclusive service of cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization by ozone for motorcycle helmets, thanks to which you can have your motorcycle helmet clean, without odors and protected against the pathogens causing the bad smell.

Cleaning is one of the quality dimensions most valued by tourists and customers in hotel facilities. We know that your objective is that your clients when they enter your hotel room find everything impeccable so that they feel at home or better than at home. Get the deepest and most demanding cleaning with Phoenix cleaners Anti-Dust Cleaning and Disinfection System, based on a powerful portable device specially designed to generate a high-power suction force, which removes and removes dust mites and other debris that goes away accumulating in the mattress, pillows, carpets, sofas and other upholstered surfaces. It is a totally natural, chemical-free process that treats the surface dry and effectively eliminates mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other debris.

We are carrying out a new very successful home cleaning service that consists of cleaning mattresses at home, eliminating mites and general cleaning of the mattress with an amazing result. The cleaning done stands out in the elimination of fences and uncomfortable spots. We perform this cleaning with an advanced system of injection absorption, leaving everything practically dry, with the advantage of being able to carry out the same day cleaning the mattress to give it an immediate use. We do it in private homes as well as in hotels, student residences, retirees, etc.

Consult our specialized cleaning and disinfection services developed to meet the needs of the professional sector. We have exclusive rates for cleaning and disinfection of upholstered surfaces adapted to each business model such as disinfection of hospitals, cleaning of rural houses, cleaning of hotels and specialized services for cleaning and disinfection of residences, among others.

The solution: Phoenix cleaners